Seller Representation

​Palma agents are trained to be thorough in examining each property, and adept at highlighting all positive property attributes, in a manner that best positions your property to achieve a great result.  We exercise passion and professionalism, using progressive marketing strategies and tools to help achieve this.

When representing a Seller, it is typically best to start with an appraisal or broker’s opinion of value (estimate of value).  The more specialized the broker, the more accurate such estimate will likely be.  With some specific property information and/or documents, we can prepare such estimate of value as a starting point.  Just as every property is unique, a myriad of factors are considered and weighed thoughtfully, involving a fair bit of time and thought, in order to pinpoint the property value within a very small margin of error.

In negotiating behalf of our esteemed clientele, we apply care and diligence towards executing in a manner that best protects and represents their interests.  Pro-active measures, including significant research, analysis, and strict vetting, enable us to mitigate any chance of failed escrows and wasted time.

There are a variety of different motivations for income property sales.  Similarly, there are several different repositioning or exit strategies that Sellers can choose from, all of which we can facilitate and provide guidance on, including: Traditional sales (‘cash out’); 1031 exchanges into more/different multifamily investment property(ies) (locally or out of state); 1031 exchanges into single tenant triple net leased (“NNN”) investment property(ies) within the U.S.; 1031 exchanges out of multifamily and into any other ‘like kind’ product type, (such as Office, Industrial, Retail, or Hospitality); installment sales; reverse (1031) exchanges; trustee’s sales; and sales via charitable remainder trust.

Palma agents are not lawyers, financial advisors, or accountants, and we do not operate with the authority of these afore-mentioned professionals.  We can provide a concrete outline for optimizing property sale proceeds to you, reliable execution of same, as well as convey cash flow implications from different 1031 exchange/“up-leg” properties, and help you to secure the most suitable of these.  Professional marketing, sound negotiating, collaborative and ethical business practices, and painstaking research and analysis of all things relevant to our respective sub-markets of focus, all serve to give a market edge to Palma clients.

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