Buyer Representation

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Investment real estate, like all other investment vehicles, varies widely in terms of risk versus rate of return.  Utilizing the services of an agent who is intimately familiar with a specific sub-market and property type can go a long way towards maximizing returns and mitigating risk when acquiring investment property.

Palma agents focus on a specific geographic region and/or product type, maintaining up to the minute data for market leading analysis on the relevant comps and purchase opportunities.  By remaining consistent via activity within our respective sub-markets of emphasis, Palma agents are ready, willing and able to provide insight as to the most suitable purchase opportunities, whether on or off-market.

Longstanding relationships with local property owners, agents, lenders, property managers, and many other complimentary service providers such as title and escrow, qualified intermediary, inspection services, et al., enable us to facilitate investment property sales with relative ease, putting a team in place that best suited to handle the nuances specific to a particular transaction. Acute market knowledge, contract negotiation expertise, and a passion for exceeding client expectations on each assignment we take on, are essential to our way of conducting business.

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