Advisory Services

Diligent research and analysis results in a market advantage for our esteemed clientele, via superior knowledge and enhanced guidance.  Palma agents pay close attention to detail when evaluating each client’s specific needs, and/or their property(ies), with the help of industry leading software, data analysis tools and marketing platforms, which allow Palma Commercial agents to prepare evaluations and offer guidance that is highly polished, specifically tailored, and insightful.

Our Services include but are not limited to the following:

  • Preparation and presentation of an Estimate of Value & Marketing Proposal, for your property, so to convey maximum achievable price, and our proposed strategy for optimizing a related sale or 1031 exchange effort in the near-term.
  • Portfolio Analysis, including several Estimate of Values at once, and the weighing of different equity repositioning strategies, such as: selling certain groups of properties together, in a manner that will maximize price and/or better leverage the ability to trade out of lesser performing properties, into one or more typically larger property(ies); ways to enhance operating performance at your property(ies) through renovations or a change in management operations; et al.
  • Exit Strategy/Equity Repositioning analysis, where we evaluate the full spectrum of ways to maximize your returns and/or sale proceeds to you, in a manner that mitigates or defers any capital gains tax event, including by way of: 1031 exchange, whether into multifamily investment property(ies), single tenant triple net leased commercial property, Delaware Statutory Trusts (DSTs), or any other ‘like kind’ property; Installment Sales; ‘Cash Out’ sales; sale by way of Charitable Remainder Trust; Cash Out Refinancing and Reinvestment; et al.
  • Disposition/Sale Representation, including the preparation and refinement of all marketing materials, publishing of offering(s) on all agreed upon marketing avenues in an attractive manner, timely response to all serious inquiries, full transparency, and strict adherence to governing code with respect to property disclosures.
  • 1031 Exchange Analysis, whereby we analyze current cash flow from equity and compare that to the expected cash flow from equity of viable Up-Leg or Exchange Property(ies), allowing for acceleration of capital growth, and/or improvement of lifestyle, when done correctly. We will maximize the down-leg sale, as well as work tirelessly to help you secure the best up-leg property(ies), with a strong existing track record for overseeing complex 1031 exchanges.
  • Acquisition/Purchase Representation, including well thought out preparation and submittal of offer(s), sound negotiating practices, access to pertinent data such as relevant sales comps, diligent research and analysis of these comps, rent surveys, et al.
  • Development, ADU, and/or Property Rehabilitation Analysis, including: a preliminary review of new development potential; the possibility of adding ADU(s) or converting garages to ADUs; Pro Forma analysis of build out and value upon lease-up/stabilization; cost and time estimates of renovations, and pro forma income analyses.
  • Projected Cash Flow Calculations relating to any investment property purchase, sale, 1031 exchange transaction(s), or installment sale/seller financing transaction, with broad brushstroke review of after tax cash flow considerations relating to any such contemplated activity, including the effects of an adjusted depreciable basis if doing a 1031 exchange.
  • Expert Witness Testimony relating to the brokerage of multifamily investment property sales in California.
  • Consultation regarding Property Management Services, where we provide insight about several options for property management firms, so to help our clients maximize operating performance and obtain peace of mind, via ideally suited management services, based on property asset class and location.

We are glad to meet for a free consultation, when we can provide substantive feedback and valuable guidance on all of the above.  It is our commitment to always look out for our clients’ best interest, above all else.